Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nail Art Society December Box

So, this is my 1st box from Nail Art Society. I'm really happy that I signed up when I did, because now they have raised their price up to $19.95/month. If you were already a customer, you get to keep your price of $9.95/box so I'm pretty happy about that.  For that low a price, I really wasn't expecting that much out of it, but thought I would give it a try anyway. Man was I surprised when my box came!! This is what was in my December box!!
It had 2 bottles of Matte-n-a Matte Nail Apparel by Max Make-Up Cherimoya, in the shades Mystery, which is the Magenta color & Blockbuster, the Silver one, 38 Orchid scented nail polish remover pads by Max Make-Up Cherimoya, a pack of Stella rhinestones in sizes from XL through Small & a bottle of Beauty Art professional nail glue. I thought that was a pretty good amount of stuff for $9.95!! It also came with this card & on the other side of it was instructions on how to do a dripping in diamonds manicure from the items they sent me!!
The only thing I thought was weird was that the pics on the card were of totally different manicures & not the dripping in diamonds manicure that the instructions were for. I would have liked it better if there was at least 1 pic of it so I would know what the outcome was supposed to look like...Now, on with the pics of what I created!! I don't really like the big rhinestones on my short nails, but the smaller ones were very pretty.

As you can see from the pics, I chose Mystery to use. I thought this would look better with the silver rhinestones. The polish was more shiny than a normal matte finish polish. The only nail I used a top coat on was the one with the rhinestones. I left the others the way they were to try to show the look of the matte polish. I used 2 coats of the polish over 1 coat of Zoya Anchor basecoat. It went on very smooth & had a nice thickness to it. It also dried VERY fast. I first tried it the way they say to do it with the nail glue, but I didn't like the way the glue was getting onto the sides of my nail, so I used the polish wipes that came in the set to take off the polish from that nail & started over. I then used Zoya Armor topcoat to put the rhinestones on & finished it off with a very thick coat of the topcoat. I thought it turned out nice, but like I said, I didn't like the XL rhinestones on my short nail. Let me tell you about the polish remover wipes, they are to die for!! I've never heard of this Cherimoya brand, but it's good!! The wipes have cuticle oil in them & they leave your cuticles feeling great!! Let me know your thoughts. If you are thinking about joining the club, you can find them on Facebook Here

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