Sunday, February 12, 2012

Julep Maven Valentine Box :)

So, I received my Valentines box from Julep Maven the other day & just had a chance to do my nails in my new colors last night.  What I received in this shipment was pretty awesome. It was a bottle of polish called Glenn, which is a Rust/Red color, a bottle of glitter polish called Oscar, a piece of dark chocolate shaped like an Oscar, which I thought was very sweet & a bottle of cuticle oil, which I was in desperate need of lol.  So I did my nails the usual way, with a base coat of Avon's silk wrap. Then I used 1, yes 1 coat of the Glenn polish & it looked as good as if I had used 2. Then over top of that I used the glittery gold Oscar polish. I would have liked it better if the glitter polish would have went on a little thinner, but I still think it turned out nice. I then went over that with Sally Hansens Mega Shine Extended Wear Topcoat. I think picture #3 shows the glitter the best. That was taken with the flash off. Give us some comments, let us know what you think about the color combo. Good or bad, we're ready for it!! Oh & I just got my new nail stamper in the mail yesterday, so I think my next blog post is going to be about that. Don't know how good it will turn out because usually I'm not that good with stampers & things like them. We'll see though, I'm willing to give it a try :) As always, Happy Polishing!!!

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